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At The Next Steps, LLC, I provide two primary services, Executive Coaching and Business Consulting. However, these services can be complimented by Group Facilitation, and EVERYTHING DiSC Assessments. Collectively, my services deliver true, clear, and measurable value that is sustainable over time. 

Business Presentation

executive coaching

One-on-one coaching with senior managers and leaders. I establish a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment during which we establish and agree on the objectives along with the desired results. I help to identify existing competencies as well as provide feedback on how they are perceived by others. 

I focus primarily on leadership and business coaching. I utilize various assessments to gain quick insights on the individual. 


Get a fresh perspective! I can work with you and your team to identify the challenges within your business that are creating the roadblocks. It takes more than talent to make an organization thrive. It takes having the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes the way a business does things may limit the results. And sometimes talent falls short of performance expectations. As a consultant, I can help identify the cause of the shortfalls. I look constructively with fresh eyes at your people, processes, and systems.



As a certified EVERYTHING DiSC facilitator, I can bring the whole team together. The value of doing so is that it provides an opportunity to gain a true understanding of a team and/or the organization. This adds tremendous value to assess if the team is in alignment with the leader's mission and vision. 

We can even dive deeper and cater the session to specific areas, i.e. leadership development, team building, brainstorming, etc. 


EVerything dIsc

As a certified facilitator and authorized partner of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors, we can work on an individual or the entire team. Our assessments can help: 

  • Identify management or leadership styles

  • Strengthen teamwork

  • Help to build better work relationships

  • Teach teams how to have productive conflict

  • Create impactful leaders with Vision, Alignment, and Execution

  • Increase leaders effectiveness with a 360 feedback tool

  • Learn about Productive Conflict



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