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executive coaching

Who do I Coach - I coach from entry-level to the C-suite. This can be someone that has just begin their journey in management, a new leader, or an experienced manager or leader.

Why do I coach - I coach simply to fulfill my purpose...helping others become more effective as leaders.

What do I focus on - Providing knowledge to build and/or improve leadership abilities. I look to identify behaviors and mindsets that may be the source of impact on effective leadership

How do you measure results - Regular scheduled conversations with the coachee, stakeholders, and sometimes those that interact most with the coachee.  But in order to measure results, you must first have clear objectives.



Why hire a consultant - An outside eye to provide a fresh perspective. In some cases to confirm, while in other cases to identify challenges and opportunities. Sometimes internal staff members are too close to the matters to make informed and constructive decisions.

Benefits of hiring a consultant - A consultant can be a catalyst for change. In many cases, a consultant can provide much needed objectivity.


The role of the consultant - Can be brought in for various reasons. Some times to teach, sometimes to provide expertise, and sometimes to implement and execute.

Does the consultant have to be an expert - It depends on your specific needs. For example, if you need help with business processes and systems, these are areas that apply to all businesses. But if you have needs specific to your industry, then yes they should be subject matter experts.

Cost -  Cost of services for a consultant will vary based on a number of elements. Experience level, types of consulting, the amount of time you will commit, and the list goes on.



Why facilitation - Facilitation allows us to bring the entire team together in a safe setting to introduce change, goals, or training that applies to the entire team.

Areas that I facilitate - Team building in the work place, leadership development, and workplace conflict.

How long is a facilitation - The duration of a group facilitation varies. It is driven by the goals and needs of the client. The size of the group alos plays a role in the amount of time thats needed for an effective session. 

The value of facilitation - Group facilitation allows members to learn more about each other as well as learn from each other. It provides a platform for open dialogue managed by a skilled facilitator.  All of which with a goal in mind that helps the team grow and achieve goals.


EVerything dIsc

Workplace Assessment - Designed to build more productive and effective relationships in the workplace. Titles do not matter.

Management Assessment - Designed to provide a deeper understanding of themselves, their direct reports, and their own managers.

Productive Conflict - Designed to increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors. It helps participants effectively respond to uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict.

Agile EQ - Designed to teach how to read emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

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